Top 50 Biking Vacations

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If you’re an active person, you’re probably not satisfied with the regular vacation. Rather, you’re more likely to enjoy a trip that involves biking, hiking, and more. These vacations fit the bill, offering gorgeous views, fun activities, and plenty of open road.

North America

From California wine country to the Grand Canyon, these biking trips are full of fun.

  1. Chesapeake Bay Bicycle Tour: This vacation features quiet, flat country roads in the Chesapeake area.
  2. Martha’s Vineyard: Enjoy leisurely spinning through Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod, where you’ll see pine forests, beaches, lighthouses, and even cranberry bogs.
  3. New Mexico’s Santa Fe and Taos: On this trip, you’ll be able to ride through high deserts, see pueblos, and celebrate the rich artistic culture in this area.
  4. Albermarle: Explore Kitty Hawk, Manteo, and Edenton on this 4 day tour through Albemarle.
  5. Quebec Route Verte: Explore shoreline, villages, wildlife, and more.
  6. Mississippi’s Natchez Trace: Pedal down the South’s historic roadway, Natchez Trace, to see Civil War battlefields as well as Southern estates.
  7. North Carolina Wine Country Bicycle Tour: Bike through wine country for scenery, vineyard tours, and wine tasting on this 2 day vacation.
  8. Alaska Southern Wilderness: Enjoy the untamed wilderness as you ride through forests, hike a glacier, and go rafting in the rapids. This bike trip is challenging, with lots of hills and long distances.
  9. Shenandoah Bicycle Tour: See beautiful overlooks and winding passes on this 5 day tour through the Shenandoah Valley.
  10. California Wine Country: Ride through Napa and Sonoma and see vineyards, redwood forests, gorgeous landscapes and the Pacific Coast.
  11. Ocracoke Bicycle Tour: This spring and fall tour is in Beaufort, Ocracoke, and Hatteras.
  12. Washington’s San Juan Islands: These islands are home to rolling hills, mountain ranges, and gorgeous water views.
  13. Montana Glacier Biking: Bike through Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks, and you’ll be treated to big skies, mountain scenery, and rugged glacial biking.
  14. Virginia Multi-Sport Tour: This tour is good for all abilities, with biking and hiking in scenic southwest Virginia.
  15. Oregon’s Crater Lake: Bike along this challenging route, and you’ll see beautiful scenery, geologic formations, and even a prospering wildlife refuge.
  16. Utah & Arizona’s Bryce, Zion & Grand Canyon: These national parks are a haven for bikers, with cliffs, pine forests, desert landscapes, and more.
  17. Canadian Rockies: Check out mountain passes along the Continental Divide, and you’ll be treated to glaciers, waterfalls, and lots of wildlife.
  18. Blue Ridge Bicycle Tour: This summer road tour features majestic views and a great town in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.
  19. Mexico: Baja: Biking in Baja’s East Cape provides a moderate challenge of rolling hills and dirt roads, accented by water sports and quiet roads.
  20. Vermont’s Southern Countryside: Southern Vermont is full of fun-riding rolling hills, uninterrupted riding on quiet roads, and historic towns.
  21. Canada’s Prince Edward Island: Enjoy biking over rolling hills, exploring seashores, and quaint farms in this charming island.

Central & South America

Take advantage of the natural beauty in Central and South America with these biking vacations.

  1. Patagonia: Lakes Beneath Andean Peaks: This lake district is home to rich forests, gorgeous vistas, and wonderful villages. You’ll get to bike as well as raft down a turquoise-hued river.
  2. Chile & Argentina: Lake District: Intermediate bikers will enjoy this trip’s wonderful weather and experiences off the beaten track.
  3. Argentina: Andean Northwest: On this trip, you’ll be treated to natural beauty, adobe villages, craftsmen, and the wine regions of Salta and Cafayate.
  4. Costa Rica: Arenal to Osa Peninsula: This Central American paradise has green pastures, rain forests, and spectacular lakes. You’ll stop for breaks in inviting villages and beautiful beaches.


Europe is a popular spot for bike tours, and it’s not hard to figure out why. It’s home to challenging tours, quaint villages, and gorgeous views.

  1. Croatia: Istria "The New Tuscany": On this trip for intermediate bikers, you’ll spin through wine country, fishing villages, a stud farm, Roman ruins, a safari park and much more.
  2. Spain: Barcelona, Girona, & Catalan Pyrenees: Enjoy Barcelona and Girona routes that are favorites of pros like Lance Armstrong, and dine at restaurants that are local favorites.
  3. France: Provence & Mt. Ventoux: Climb the "Giant of Provence," Mt. Ventoux, and enjoy quiet, tree-lined roads along with excellent wines and cheese.
  4. Dalmatia, Croatia: Enjoy challenging routes and beautiful scenery on this island-hopping bike trip.
  5. Italy: Giro d’Italia: On this advanced trip, you’ll climb Mt. Grappa, enjoy Prosecco wine, and take on tough climbs in the Dolomites.
  6. Holland: Quiet Country Pathways: Holland is full of bicycle paths and friendly flat terrain, and you’ll find culture rich in art as well as gorgeous countryside.
  7. Switzerland: Bernese Alps: On this trip, you’ll ride through valleys carved by glaciers, see rugged peaks, and be treated to a gorgeous landscape.
  8. Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria: This trip spans three countries with a river bike path trip for each as well as a train ride and wine tasting.
  9. France: Alps, Vercors & Mt. Ventoux: This trip is for experience cyclists in search of a good climb on the Alps.
  10. Slovenia: Grand Tour of Slovenia: On this advanced trip, you’ll tour the Julian Alps, Soca Valley and remote South, with a highlight in 24-switchbacked Vrsic Pass.
  11. Scotland: Loch Ness to the Summer Isles: This mix of hilly and flat paved roads will take you by Loch Ness, castles, gardens, gorgeous views and even a distillery.
  12. Italy: Lakes, Alps & Sud Tirol: Advanced bikers will love the climbs on this trip, as well as a steep cog railway and gorgeous lakes.
  13. Ireland: Galway & Connemara Coast: This trip is full of lush green landscapes, ancient structures, and easy pedaling through countrysides.
  14. Norway: Above the Arctic Circle: This challenging terrain is full of archipelagos, glacier peaks, and friendly fishing villages.
  15. Morocco: Ouarzazate and Essaouira: This moderate biking trip includes gently rollng terrain and a night camping in the Sahara.
  16. Spain: Land of La Mancha: Celebrate Cervantes’ epic Don Quixote by following the Ruta de Quixote, a hardpack road that’s closed to car traffic and relatively easy terrain.
  17. France: Grand Tour of France-Pyrenees: This challenging tour immerses riders in the excitement of the Tour de France.
  18. Italy: Piedmont Wine Tour: This relaxing tour offers lots of wine sampling, cuisine, abbeys, castles, and more.

Asia & The Pacific

Satisfy your taste for the exotic with these biking tours in the orient.

  1. Bali: Temples and Volcanoes: Visit and explore this exotic paradise by bike, foot, and boat.
  2. Hawaii: Coastal Roads & Volcanic Slopes: The Big Island in Hawaii is a challenging test of volcano climbs and downhill spins. You’ll love the coastline and foliage.
  3. Thailand: The Golden Triangle: Explore the Golden Triangle region’s jungle valleys, temples, and rivers.
  4. China: Beijing, Xian & The Southern Provinces: On this trip, you’ll see monuments, countryside, and rich scenery. This trip includes the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City.
  5. Japan: Noto Peninsuala: Enjoy 8 days of relaxed cycling, accented by hiking and culture. You’ll see mountains, coasts, and lots of history.
  6. New Zealand: From Christchurch to Queenstown: Explore this diverse island with sheep farms, rain forests, peak, waterfalls, and beaches. This trip also features a 100-mile-plus day.
  7. Vietnam: Old Indochina: On this trip, you’ll see Hanoi neighborhoods, farming villages, and the ancient capital of Hue, all while pedaling past relics and architecture.

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