Top 25 Vacation Destinations Where a Nerd Can Get Laid

Monday, November 5, 2007 at 2:41pm by admin

While you may be content with the company of your computer and virtual fantasy universe most of the time, even the most self-sufficient nerds need to get out and make real contact every once in awhile. What better way to do this than by taking a vacation that will put you in your element, making you more relaxed and among men and women who won’t find your social awkwardness or love of dressing like a Jedi strange? While there are few plans for getting laid that are foolproof, besides of course, becoming a billionaire, these locales will at least improve your chances of meeting someone with similar interests and desires. So check out these vacation destinations geared towards nerdiness, and may the force be with you in your quest for companionship.

  1. Sex in Video Games Conference For the dirty-minded video game lover, this conference can be an informative and provocative getaway. The convention is focused on sex and technology, so what better place to meet someone for a little bit of both?
  2. Tokyo, Japan Tokyo is a mecca for the tech-savvy, and the neon-splashed Akihabara district is a nerd’s paradise. Not only will you find the latest and greatest gadgets at the numerous electronics retailers, you’ll also find a number of costume cafes where waiters and waitresses dress and serve you as anime characters. While finding a similarly-interested member of the opposite (or same) sex in mainstream society might be hard, here in the so-called "ghetto of geeks," you’re sure to meet someone with whom you can share your interests.
  3. Comic-Con This four-day event in sunny San Diego, California brings over a hundred thousand comic book lovers, sci-fi geeks and RPG fanatics from all over the world. If there was ever a place to meet the nerdy boy or girl of your dreams, this would be it, as the convention is often sold out and filled with scantily clad and costumed fanboys and girls. The convention festivities rarely stop at the end of the day. Nearby hotels packed with comic book fans carry the party late into the night, giving you ample time and opportunity to meet that special someone.
  4. Anime Expo Held in southern California, Anime Expo is the largest anime and manga convention held in North America and one of the largest in the world. Vacationing geeks will find the convention packed with the standard fare like movie screenings, cosplay, and art shows, but Anime Expo gives attendees a little more. The expo is a 24 hour convention, with late night dances and karaoke as well as gaming and devoted to meeting and cavorting with other anime fans at all hours of the night.
  5. BloggerCon For all you bloggers out there, BloggerCon can be a great place to meet your writing brethren. The conference is organized not around speakers but around smaller group discussions, giving you the chance to more easily speak with and meet other attendees. If you make a good connection, you can carry the conversation outside the group.
  6. Dragon Con If wizards and elves are more your style, consider traveling to Dragon Con. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, Dragon Con is one of the largest science fiction and fantasy conventions held in the United States. Events aren’t limited to just fantasy, sci-fi gaming, and movies. There are also concerts that have ranged from The Misfits to Jefferson Starship. Strike up a conversation with a Klingon or Xena-clad fangirl. If you’re really daring, check out the Fantasm parties, which cater to the sexual aspects of sci-fi/fantasy role playing and costumes.
  7. Prophecy While many of you might be loathe to admit it, there are some hardcore Harry Potter fans out there. You can proudly show off your Hogwarts scarves at Prophecy. The convention changes locales each year, but provides a place where adult fans of the Harry Potter series can get together to discuss the books, have fun, and meet others with a love of wizards. If you’re lucky, you might even get to work some magic of your own.
  8. South By Southwest Better known as the abbreviated SXSW, this conference and festival held in Austin, Texas caters to the music, film and the interactive programming geeks out there. You’ll have ample opportunity to meet some new men and women while you’re rocking out to bands, gaming, or enjoying one of the late-night parties offered at the conference.
  9. Star Trek Vegas Convention For the Trekkie, there is no better vacation destination than this. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet numerous cast members as well as checking out the Vegas Hilton’s Star Trek: The Experience exhibits which include rides, models of the ship, a museum, and even a Star Trek themed bar. What better place to pick up fellow Trekkies than on the Bridge of the Enterprise or in a dark corner of Quark’s bar? If your lust turns into love you can even get married there!
  10. E3 Held in California, E3 is the place for gaming professionals to meet and showcase new technologies and game development. The convention has become very elite, as in invitation only, but if you can’t finagle your way in, you can always hop over to the Entertainment for All Expo, which is open to the general public. There, you can challenge the cute girl or boy of your choice in the latest video games or flirt over new and shiny technology.
  11. WorldCon WorldCon is the annual conference for the World Science Fiction Society. Held in varying locations all over the world, WorldCon offers attendees the opportunity to see the best in sci-fi art and writing. If you’re into cosplay, the convention has a large formal masquerade where elaborately costumed attendees can compete to see who has the best costume. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone wearing a costume from the same planet as yours!
  12. Intercon H Intercon conventions occur all over the United States, but InterCon H is held in Massachusetts. Attendees will be able to take part in a large variety of live action role playing (LARP) activities in every setting from fantasy worlds to the old west, in full costume and without ever breaking character. Make the acquaintance of a character you like and you may be able to continue the role playing back at your hotel room.
  13. MacWorld Head out to foggy San Francisco, California for a weekend of trolleys and Mac love. What better place to meet potential mates than amidst all the sleek and sexy technology of Apple? Catch the eye of a lad or lass over the screen of your iBook and maybe you’ll get the chance to ogle each other instead of the technology.
  14. Con-Version Fans of science fiction and fantasy will enjoy the Con-Version. Attendees will get the chance to hobnob with well-known authors, join in on a masquerade, and meet fellow fans of sci-fi. The convention is also home to a slave-auction intended to benefit a local food bank, but could also benefit you on the dance floor and beyond.
  15. Sidi Driss Hotel The Sidi Driss Hotel in Matmata, Tunisia, is a Star Wars nerd’s dream. The hotel was part of the setting for Luke Skywalker’s home planet Tatooine in both the classic and new films. Bring a lovely lady or gent along and start the romancing in one of the tiny subterranean rooms or head over to the nearest town of Gabes to find attractive tourists.
  16. Galacticruise Fans of the sci-fi television and film series Battlestar Galactica will enjoy this 5-day cruise off the coast of California. Not only will you get to enjoy some sun, but you’ll also get to meet the stars of the show, and maybe some sexy fans as well. Since it’s a cruise you’ll have an excuse to see your special guy or gal in a swimsuit when you cozy up to them in the on board hot tub.
  17. New Zealand Lord of the Rings nerds can take in the scenery and visit the all the best known sights from from the movies in New Zealand. Meet like-minded men and women on tours of these sites and bring them up to Sky Tower in Auckland, the tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere, to marvel at the view.
  18. GenCon GenCon is the premier event in the gaming community. While it may seem like the kind of event frequented only by men, there is a large group of so-called "gaming wenches" that help even out the sexes. So challenge your love interest to a game of Dungeons and Dragons or even Settlers of Catan and watch the sparks fly.
  19. Battlebot Tournament For those who like both robotics and wanton destruction, battlebot tournaments can be a great way to not only fight robots but also to meet some ladies as well. You may be a nerd, but if you can build or operate machinery that is loud and potentially dangerous, you’ll have something to impress girls with. Bonus points if you have battlebot scars.
  20. Siggraph Siggraph is a computer animation and graphics conference where new video game, animation and imaging technologies are showcased. When you’re not checking out the animations shown at the conference or the latest interactive technologies, you can attempt some actual interaction with fellow attendees.
  21. New York Renaissance Faire Who doesn’t love a good renaissance faire? The New York Renaissance Faire is located in the scenic woods near Tuxedo, New York, and offers attendees several days of raucous mead-fueled fun. Find yourself a wench or a knight that’s to your fancy and carry them away on your trusty horse. Or Toyota, whichever.
  22. RingCon UK Hop across the pond to the shire-esque hills of the UK for RingCon, an annual convention for fans of Lord of the Rings. Attendees can participate in trivia contests, lectures and even check out some fan-made videos. Dress up in your best wizard or hobbit garb and impress the elven ladies with your mastery of their language.
  23. GeekCruise Want to learn some Photoshop tips or play chess while cruising around the Caribbean? With a GeekCruise you can, and you’ll be learning along with loads of other people who have similar interests. When you’re done geeking it up, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to fraternize with the sexy singles on board while enjoying dinner, a dip in the pool or just having a cup of coffee.
  24. AntarcticaWhile Antarctica doesn’t top most people’s list of top vacation hotspots, it can be an educational and possibly romantic getaway for nerds with the cash to take the trip way down south. You’ll get to see the desolate and penguin-filled iceberg and if you do perchance meet an attractive single tourist, you’ll conveniently have subzero temperatures as an excuse to cuddle to keep warm.
  25. CeBIT Technology Show Take a break from the typical European vacation and experience Germany like a true nerd at the CeBIT Technology Show. The world’s largest computer trade show, this event isn’t to be missed. Meet other computer obsessed men and women at the show, or take to pretty much anywhere in Germany to grab a few drinks and meet the locals or other tourists.

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  1. Intercon H? Bah humbug! That’s if you want to wait until spring to get laid. Why not hurry it up, and visit Intercon Mid-Atlantic, November 16-18, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware? Enjoy IMA? Visit H as well! Do the whole Intercon circuit!

    Comment by Stephanie Olmstead-Dean — November 6, 2007 @ 10:21 pm

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  3. Only one or two things on here aren’t complete sausage fests. You’d have an easier time and find more attractive women at Starbucks or Borders.

    Comment by noneyas — July 24, 2010 @ 1:35 am

  4. Tell that to the woman above you ;)

    ♠ 37

    Comment by Jon Page — December 29, 2010 @ 4:14 am

  5. Got laid at SIGGRAPH after presenting a paper :-) . It is true though many of these are sausage fests, easier to do online dating or hang out with some art chicks or do some dance classes or something. Just make a move, ask her out. Don’t farm all around her, building up a bazillion comments on her FB page, I tried that out it tends to creep them out.

    Comment by Anonymous — January 4, 2011 @ 3:35 am

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