How to: Turn Your iPod Into Anything (75+ Tutorials)

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If you’re thinking that all your iPod can do is play music, think again. With a little ingenuity and guidance, you can turn your iPod into just about anything, whether it’s a remote control or a notepad. Read on to find more than 75 tutorials that will walk you through projects that will transform your iPod.


Get more out of your iPod’s little hard drive using these turorials.

  1. Using Your iPod as a Storage Drive: Apple offers a tutorial on how you can use your iPod as a hard drive or flash drive.
  2. How to Get Songs off Your iPod with iTunes: With this hack, you can move the songs from your iPod to your music library on iTunes.
  3. iPod Shuffle RAID: Find out how this tech handyman used 4 iPod Shuffles to make a RAID array.
  4. Turn Your iPod into a Backup Drive: This short guide will tell you how to use an old iPod as a backup.


Make your iPod a media powerhouse using these guides.

  1. How to Turn Your iPod into a TV: Make your iPod a mobile TV with this guide.
  2. Turn your iPod into a Ouija board: Have some supernatural fun using your iPod with this guide.
  3. Turn Your iPod into a Boombox: Crave has found a retro way to outfit your iPod.
  4. How to Convert DVD or Videos to iPod Video Format: Learn how to rip DVD movies to iPods as well as convert a variety of video files.
  5. Getting the Video out of Your New iPod–for Cheap!: Check out this hack to learn how to play videos from your iPod on your TV.
  6. Ten Step Guide to iPhone Custom Ringtones in GarageBand ’08: Get the details on creating ringtones of your very own for the iPhone.
  7. Turn Your iPod into a Recording Studio: Check this out to see how you can record just about anything with your iPod.
  8. iRocker: Turn Your iPod into a Guitar Tuner/Metronome/Practice Tool: With this guide and bundle of apps, you can turn your iPod into a useful tool for making music.
  9. Turn Your iPod Packaging into an iPod Speaker: Take the packaging that your iPod came in and turn it into something useful with this guide.

At Home

iPods aren’t just useful on the go-they can be great at home as well. These guides will show you how to make use of your iPod at home.

  1. How-To Turn your iPod into a Universal Infrared Remote Control: Tidy up your living room by turning your iPod into the only remote you need.
  2. iPod Alarm Clock: Follow this short guide to turn your iPod into an alarm clock.
  3. DIY iPod Video Projector: This Instructables guide will walk you through the production of a projector that you can use for iPod videos.


Keep all of the information of the world in your pockets with these tutorials.

  1. Build an eDoc Reader for Your iPod: This tutorial will show you how to build an eDoc reader on your own.
  2. An Offline Wikipedia Reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch: Get Wikipedia on your iPod Touch using this awesome tool.
  3. Read Ebooks on your MP3 Player Using "Ebook to Images": Turn your iPod into a mobile book reader with a little software help.
  4. Dictionary: You can put the Merriam Webster Dictionary on your iPod.


The iPhone isn’t the only iPod product that can be used for communication. Check out these guides to find out how to use your iPod to keep in touch.

  1. Phreaking Out Your iPod: Use your iPod to make free phone calls using this hack.
  2. Turn Your iPod into the Ultimate PowerPoint Accessory: Find out how you can make presentations a snap with your iPod here.
  3. Make your own Pirate Radio Station with an iPod: Broadcast a radio station from your iPod with this guide.
  4. Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone: Check out this hack that will allow you to make calls from your iPod Touch.
  5. Speed Dial with Your iPod: Use portable speakers and MP3 recordings of phone numbers to speed dial.


Upgrade your iPod to a laptop or even a working PC using these tutorials.

  1. iPod Super: Check out this project guide to find out how you can replace your iPod’s hard drive with a larger one.
  2. Turn your iPod Touch into a Desktop Diva: Improve the quality of your iPod Touch’s desktop sound using this tutorial.
  3. How to-Turn Your iPod Mini into a Flash-Based iPod: Switch your microdrive out for a compact flash card with this tutorial.
  4. Turn Your iPod into a Laptop: Make the most out of a broken iPod with this guide.
  5. Nanoscope: The Nanoscope increases the size of your iPod’s video with this neat little tool.
  6. How to Install the iPhone Applications Mail, Notes, Stocks, Weather, and Maps on Your iPod Touch: Get better apps on your iPod Touch using this guide.
  7. How to Turn Your iPod into Your Full, Working PC: Get a mobile computer with this useful guide.
  8. Classic to iPod Video Project: Get your iPod Video to look like a classic with this guide.


These tutorials will show you how the iPod can keep your organized.

  1. Notepad: With a handwriting application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can use your device as a mobile notepad.
  2. Hipster POD: Adding An iPod to Your Hipster PDA: Use this hack to attach an iPod to your low-tech PDA system.
  3. How to Turn Your iPod into a PDA: Make your iPod an ultimate organizer with this guide.
  4. Turn your iPod into a Digital Recorder: Make your iPod even more functional by adding a digital recorder to it.
  5. The Holy Grail of Synchronization: Keep your contacts up to date on your iPod and everywhere else using this tutorial.
  6. Manage a To-Do List with Your iPod Touch: Check out how you can stay organized without using the Contacts application.
  7. Calculating Tips with TipKalc: Figure out tips right on your iPod using this handy guide and tool.


With these tutorials, you can make yourself, your iPod and the information on it more secure.

  1. Secure backup and storage using a disk image and an iPod: Keep your data safe even if your iPod gets stolen by using this security method.
  2. How to Turn your iPod into a Taser: This video teaches you how to turn your iPod into a personal security device.
  3. The iPod Theft Deterrent: Equip your iPod with stain security using this tutorial.


Use these guides to learn how to make the most out of your iPod’s battery.

  1. Hand Powered iPod Shuffle: This guide will teach you how to charge your iPod Shuffle without electricity.
  2. How to Make a Bike Charger for Your iPod: This tutorial will show you how to keep your iPod going while you bike.
  3. MintyBoost!-Small Battery-Powered USB Charger: This project will put a charger into an Altoids box.
  4. How To Extend the Life of Your iPod Battery: Follow this guide to find out how to make your battery last longer.
  5. Build a Solar iPod Charger: Create a lightweight, solar charger for your iPod using this guide.


Make your own accessories for the iPod using these tutorials.

  1. Kody’s Moleskine iPod Hack: Check out this hack to learn how to put an iPod in your moleskine.
  2. How-To: Design Your Own iPod Super Dock: Create a dock that takes loads more information using this guide.
  3. Book iPod Cozy: Carry your iPod in a hardcover book with this tutorial.
  4. How to Build an iPod Touch Stand from a $100 Bill: Use money or strong paper to create a DIY stand.
  5. Simple Amp: Create a cheap, simple amplifier for your iPod.
  6. Lego iPod Dock Assembly Step-by-Step: This guide will show you how to create a fun little iPod dock.
  7. How to-Make an iPod Shuffle Gen 2 Travel Case: Create a nifty travel case using the instructions in this guide.
  8. Build Your Own iPod Dock: Create an iPod dock of your very own using this guide.
  9. Shoe Hacker: Nike+iPod Sport Kit Shoe Mod: Use a bit of velcro to put your sport kit in any shoe.


These tutorials show you how to use the iPod for high-tech endeavors.

  1. Use Your iPhone as a Multi-Touch Mouse with Touchpad Pro: Check out this video guide to using your iPod Touch as a mouse.
  2. Hack Your Brain with an iPod: Use the iPod to hack your brain with noise.
  3. Run Linux on Your iPod: Find out how you can run the Linux OS on your iPod here.
  4. Use your iPod as a Startup Drive: Boot your computer with your iPod using this tutorial.
  5. How To: Install Leopard with Your iPod: Turn an old iPod into a boot disk with this tutorial.
  6. Turn Your iPod into a Geek Toolbox: This feature tells you how you can load up your iPod with computer fixers.
  7. Turn Your iPod into a PC: This feature highlights how you can virtualize your PC onto your iPod.

Other Uses

For even more ways to get more out of your iPod, check out these tutorials.

  1. Turn Your iPod into Money: Once you’re done with your iPod, you can just sell it.
  2. Turn Your iPod into a Sex Toy: With the iBuzz, you can listen to and feel music at the same time.
  3. PodGourmet: Turn your iPod into a mobile cookbook using the PodGourmet.
  4. The Complete Guide to iPhone Car Integration: Find out how you can integrate the iPhone with your car in this tutorial.
  5. iWay-Yahoo! Directions on your iPod: Use this guide and handy tool to put Yahoo! maps on your iPod.
  6. Poor Man Hack: Nike+iPod Sport Kit Shoe Mod: With this hack, you can use the Nike+iPod sport kit with any kind of shoe.
  7. iPod Subway Maps: Get around the subway using these photo maps.
  8. Turn Your iPod into a Travel Guide: Here you’ll find loads of travel podcasts that are great for listening to on the road.
  9. Restaurant Finder: Check out Zagat ratings on your iPod here.
  10. Turn Your iPod into a Personal Trainer: MSNBC describes how you can use your iPod to track stats, progress, and more.
  11. Mirror: Use the shiny back of your iPod as a mirror for photos and more.
  12. Creating iPod Tattoos: This guide offers information on how you can create a tattoo for your iPod.
  13. iPod Bartender: Put together tasty drinks with these recipes.

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