And Then There Were Two: 100 Best Vacations for Singles of Every Persuasion

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 6:16pm by admin

If you’re tired of being the only hottie in your hometown, try taking a vacation to mingle with other sexy singles like yourself. Whether you’re a proud member of the LGBT community or a single retiree, this list has the perfect vacation hotspots for your demographic.

Gay Men

Forget gay-friendly: these fun and sexy locales are exclusively for gay men looking to relax, have a good time and meet someone special.

  1. Fire Island Pines: The Pines community on Long Island’s Fire Island is for adventure-seeking, party-loving gay men. Visit during the annual 4th of July "invasion" for boat decorating and costume contests.
  2. Official Gay Mardi Gras: Head down to New Orleans for one of the biggest parties in the country for Gay Mardi Gras.
  3. Roze Film Dagen/Pink Filmdays: Visit Amsterdam’s annual LGBT film festival to meet culturally aware film enthusiasts of the gay persuasion.
  4. Pattaya Gay Festival: Visiting Thailand is always a wild time, especially when you go during the Pattaya Gay Festival, a "gay Mecca" that consists of parties, gay sports activities, contests and more.
  5. Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan: Also known as "The Art Coast of Michigan," Saugatuck/Douglas is one of the newer hot spots for gay vacationers, according to the New York Times.
  6. Eureka Springs: Eureka Springs, AK, is another up and coming vacation spot for gay travelers. The southern town has three pride weekends a year and features lots of natural, relaxing beauty for those who want to get away.
  7. Costa Rica: The website offers tourists plenty of information for reservations, vacation packages and more in this gorgeous country, dubbed "Central America’s Gay Paradise."
  8. All Gay Nude Male Windjammer Caribbean Cruise: For the truly liberated, an all gay nude cruise to the beautiful Caribbean may be just the place to meet potential mates or hook ups. Stops along the way include St. Barts, Antigua, St. Maarten and others.
  9. San Francisco: San Francisco has been an "outwardly" gay-friendly city for a long time. Visit this site to find the best gay nightlife, attractions, hotels and even marriage information.
  10. Florida Keys: Visit the Florida Keys to meet up with other fun-loving gay men ready for adventure.


Meet other single gay women by visiting one or all of these inspiring, fun-filled locales.

  1. Provincetown: Also known as P-Town, Provincetown, MA, is a top gay and lesbian vacation spot. Lesbians enjoy Women’s Week during October, and Single Women’s Week is held in May.
  2. New Fest: New York’s New Fest is the LGBT film festival to visit in the U.S.
  3. Palm Springs, CA: The website L-Spot Palm Springs has all kinds of resources for the Palm Springs, CA lesbian community. Plan a vacation during Dinah Shore Weekend, known as "the biggest event for lesbian women in the world."
  4. Sydney, Australia: Sydney is a top lesbian city, thanks to its vibrant nightlife, gay and lesbian Mardi Gras celebration, gay and lesbian choir and more.
  5. Olivia Vacations: This travel company plans trips for lesbians all over the world. Travel to the Caribbean for the Cruise for Our Cause event or take a trip to Europe for a liberating experience.
  6. Berlin: According to, "Berlin has long been known for its appreciation of Òdivine decadence" and politically-minded lesbian community.
  7. Cancun: This beautiful beach town is also well-known for its crazy nightlife. Follow the link for lesbian-friendly hotel information.
  8. An All-Lesbian Cruise: This article from dissects the all gay/lesbian vacation experience so you can get a feel for the unique travel experience before you book your trip.
  9. Seattle, WA: This exciting urban city allows you to experiment socially and with nature. Check out the events schedule at to schedule the best time for you to visit.
  10. Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles has an active lesbian community and is home to the infamous girlbar.

Young People

It’s easy to meet people when you’re young, right? If you’re having trouble finding a date in your city, try one of these vacation locations to expand your horizons and add a little excitement to the dating game.

  1. New York City: Gather up a group of your closest pals and take advantage of New York’s rich cultural and nightlife scenes. There are bars and districts to suit everyone’s interest, and the constant energy of the city is perfect for young men and women.
  2. Ibiza: This internationally-known party island off the coast of Spain invites young people from all over the world to go clubbing, lie on the beach and have an adventure of a lifetime.
  3. Miami: Considered one of the best U.S. cities for singles, Miami, FL, is home to skimpily clad beach bums who also love to party.
  4. Cruises: Staying on a cruise is the perfect way to bait, catch and reel in your next date. Follow the link for the "Top 10 Ways to Flirt on a Cruise."
  5. Portugal: Going to Europe can be expensive on a young person’s tight budget, but it’s possible to experience all the nightlife, culture and natural beauty that Portugal has to offer even when you don’t have major cash. The country also boasts "more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Europe," according to
  6. Cabo: A popular Mexican travel destination among rich California kids and celebrities, Cabo offers gorgeous views of the ocean, water sports and a pulsing bar and club scene.
  7. Backpacking through Europe: Backpacking through Europe is seen as a rite of passage for many new college graduates, and it’s also a great way to meet people. Staying in hostels encourages community involvement and interaction among tourists, and traveling on your own usually means you’ll be more receptive to experiencing new things and meeting new people.
  8. Denver: Denver, CO, is a large city with plenty of shopping, restaurants, bars and clubs, and it’s also close to party town Boulder, as well as outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains.
  9. Austin, TX: Austin, TX, is sometimes underestimated because of its smaller size and Texas location, but the city has a vibrant nightlife and live music scene, features lots of parks and recreational activities, good food, a mild climate and several musical festivals throughout the year. It’s also a cheaper alternative for those on a budget.
  10. South Padre Island: Spring Breakers around the country know that South Padre Island at the tip of Texas is a crazy fun place to be. Where else can you meet thousands of other people your own age ready for an adventure?


Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or ready to meet a new mate, book a trip to one of these unique destinations.

  1. Tuscany: In Under the Tuscan Sun, Diane Lane recuperated from her divorce with a trip to Tuscany and an affair with a gorgeous Italian man. Maybe you will be so lucky?
  2. Tokyo: Tokyo is a cultural capital full of new experiences and people. Traveling far away after a divorce can help make it easier for you to open up to new things as well as distance yourself from the painful reminders of the breakup.
  3. London: Though expensive, London affords tourists with all kinds of resources for personal fulfillment and discovery. History buffs, art enthusiasts, theater patrons, food gurus, bookworms and more can benefit from the culture capital while staying in a busy, bustling city. London is also not as overtly PDA as other cultural cities like Paris and Rome.
  4. Boston: Named one of’s Best Cities for Singles, Boston has great nightlife, sports, and other entertainments. The city is also a slightly more toned down version of popular destinations like Las Vegas or Miami, which could be too wild for older singles.
  5. Las Vegas: Then again, if you are in the mood to party, Las Vegas is the place to do it. You’ll meet other singles of all ages, ready to have a good time.
  6. Africa: Get in touch with nature and do some volunteer work in a place like Africa, where you’ll get to put your own life in perspective.
  7. New Zealand: New Zealand is another beautiful destination for those who want to put the past behind them and escape for a little while. Take in the gorgeous scenery and meet people from all different backgrounds.
  8. Grand Canyon: Set up a challenge for yourself to do some hiking, rafting or camping in the Grand Canyon. You can make the trip all about you or hang out with other tourists to keep things sociable and lighthearted.
  9. Atlanta: Also ranked among’s "Best Cities for Singles," Atlanta, GA, is a bustling city with plenty of restaurants, sports activities, festivals, southern hospitality, nightlife and more. It may also be a less expensive option for divorcees who suddenly have financial issues.
  10. Anywhere overseas: If you never got the chance to study abroad in college, pool together your savings and take a trip anywhere abroad to give yourself a little more perspective, immerse yourself in a completely different culture and meet a new circle of friends.


Retiring frees up your time to take vacations, broaden your horizons, and meet new people. And just because you might not be interested in taking a spring break trip to Padre or Cabo doesn’t mean you have to give up fun and excitement altogether. Read below for top vacation destinations just for you.

  1. Caribbean Cruise: Enjoy a warm weather cruise in the beautiful, historical Caribbean. You can take a cruise just for seniors or mingle with other demographics as well.
  2. Westminster Dog Show: If you spend all your time pampering your dog, why not take enter it in the Westminster Dog Show? Even if your pooch doesn’t make the cut, taking in the show yourself will connect you to many others with the same interests.
  3. Home Exchange: Connect with seniors and retirees all over the world and set up a home exchange that will allow you to experience a new culture and location without having to stay in a hotel.
  4. Alaskan Cruise: An Alaskan cruise might be more serene and inspiring than a party boat trip down to Mexico. Tour Glacier Bay, take in the mountainous terrain and enjoy watching the Alaskan wildlife.
  5. Go cross country in the RV: Load up the RV and take a cross country road trip with your friends, or just go solo. You’ll meet other travelers along the way if you stop in at popular RV parks and national parks.
  6. Travel with Elderhostel: This popular travel company organizes trips and tours for the over 55 set. Travel to destinations in the U.S. or abroad.
  7. Your hometown: When was the last time you visited your hometown or birthplace? Now is the time to trace back your roots and explore family history.
  8. Pebble Beach, CA: If you like to play golf in your newfound spare time, indulge in a luxurious resort stay at Pebble Beach, along the California coast.
  9. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands: Try your hand at deep sea fishing in St. Croix, which boasts mahi mahi, marlin, sail fish, tuna and wahoo.
  10. Get a timeshare: Get a timeshare in a place like Hawaii, the Rocky Mountains or anywhere else that strikes your fancy. Coordinate a weekend when everyone who has a share gets together for a mini vacation.


Strip down and head out to these nudists colonies and nude beaches for some truly liberating R&R.

  1. Red Beach Crete: This popular nude beach is located on the Greek island Crete. Take in the ancient scenery and culture while laying out your blanket.
  2. Little Beach, Maui: If you’re thinking of going to Hawaii, head to Little Beach on the island of Maui, which is "the only accepted clothing optional beach" there.
  3. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece: Another famous Grecian beach, Paradise Beach combines nudist and topless sunbathing with lively partying.
  4. Leucate Plage, France: Enjoy the beach as God and nature intended: on the Mediterranean sea at a French nudist beach.
  5. Hedonism II: This Jamaican beach isn’t just a beach. Nudists will find volleyball, nightlife and restaurants that are clothing optional.
  6. Cherokee Lodge and Resort: This "family-oriented and singles friendly" nudist resort is located in Crossville, TN.
  7. Blue Bonnet Nudist Park: Located in North Texas, this nudist resort features a sauna, swimming pool volleyball and RV access.
  8. Costa Natura, Spain: This nudist beach and nudist colony is located on the gorgeous Costa del Sol in Spain and houses approximately 200 nudist residents from all over the world.
  9. Juniper Woods: Meet other naturalists at this popular nudist colony in the Catskills in New York state. Families and children welcome!
  10. Desert Shadows Resort and Spa: Located in Palm Springs, CA, this clothes-free resort offers wine and cheese tasting, romantic courtyards and villas, and other exclusive amenities, perfect for nurturing a new relationship.

Traditionalists and Conservatives

If you’d like to take a vacation to get away from all the wild parties and meet someone stable and traditional, head off to one of these great places.

  1. San Antonio, TX: San Antonians love to say that their community is "a big city with a small town feel." Take advantage of the friendly atmosphere, yearly sports events, convention season, historic downtown and good food.
  2. Jerusalem: Parts of the city are unstable, but a trip to Jerusalem can be a life changing experience, no matter your religion. You’ll see spiritual monuments, experience history as it unfolds and visit with a diverse population.
  3. Disney World: Disney World may very well be the most family-friendly place on the planet, whether or not you actually go with your family. Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy Universal Studios, roller coasters or even Disney characters. There are lots of adult-oriented thrills and packages too.
  4. Prince Edward Island: This beautiful vacation spot in eastern Canada is famous for its scenic coast and for being the setting in the popular Anne of Green Gables novels. You’ll meet others who love nature and escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city.
  5. Colorado Springs: Colorado Springs, CO, has lots of opportunities for travelers coming to the area on their own, with church groups, business conventions and more. Considered one of the most conservative U.S. cities, Colorado Springs also has music festivals, outdoor activities and shopping.
  6. Vatican City: If you head to Rome, take a day to visit Vatican City to get away from the nightlife and meet some like-minded tourists and Italians. As the capital city of the Roman Catholic religion, Vatican City is home to the Pope, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square, The Sistine Chapel and other gardens, historical art and monuments.
  7. Dublin: While there are some rowdy crowds, especially during parades and festivals, Dublin isn’t as full of debauchery as some European cities. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping, going to the cinema, visiting historical monuments and museums, going to the zoo or relaxing in one of the city’s many parks. Plus, the people are friendly and the music’s good.
  8. Dharamsala: Make a pilgrimage to visit the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, in Northern India.
  9. Escondido, CA: If you’re pining away to take a vacation to sunny California but don’t want to put up with the nightlife and party scene in San Francisco or LA, consider visiting beautiful Escondido, CA, near San Diego, and named the 11th most conservative city in the U.S.
  10. Monterrey, Mexico: Monterrey is considered one of three most important cities in Mexico because of its business and financial importance. Also one of the most gorgeous cities in the region, Monterrey is relatively conservative and retains some of its ancient, old-world charm.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Active singles have plenty of opportunities to meet other adventurous men and women on trips around the world. Whether you embark on the journey by yourself or travel with friends, there are countless OREC experiences to be had.

  1. The Galapagos: Visit the site of Charles Darwin’s scientific inspiration and research findings on the volcanic islands off of South America.
  2. Belize: Central America isn’t just about lying on the beach with a pretty cocktail in your hand. Head to Belize for extreme kayaking and other outdoor activities.
  3. Mt. Everest: Even if you don’t think you’re experienced enough to climb all the way to the top, Everest Base Camp is a reputable feat. Plus, you’ll get to meet up with all the other climbers and adventure seekers in the nearby city of Lukia.
  4. Patagonia: Outdoor troopers love Patagonia’s mountainous region, Lake Districts, Tierra del Fuego, and Argentine plains.
  5. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: You can find romance on Hawaii without having to waste your time sleeping on the beach. Visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see breathtaking views and get a real adrenaline rush.
  6. Slovakia: According to, almost half of Slovakia "is taken up by the Carpathian Arc — a range of mountains stretching across the north." You’ll get to experience extreme hiking, spelunking, skiing and other OREC activities.
  7. Great Barrier Reef: Snorkel or scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef to see some of the most beautiful and unique underwater life in the world.
  8. Extreme Africa Angling Safaris: Some of the best fishing in the world can be done off the coast of South Africa. Join up with fishermen and women from around the globe for an experience of a lifetime.
  9. Antarctica: If you want to meet someone who loves adventure and the outdoors as much as you, book a trip to Antarctica. Only serious travelers venture that far south.
  10. Eco-friendly vacations: Minimize the impact you make on nature by taking an eco-friendly vacation to Ecuador, the Virgin Islands, Maho Bay or other locations. These special tours are specially designed so that travelers minimize their interruption of the natural environment.

Fetish Seekers

Not all cities are fetish-friendly. To indulge your fantasies, consider taking a trip to one of these fanciful locales.

  1. Amsterdam: A popular spot because of its marijuana cafes, gorgeous gardens, and of course, the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam is also well known for its legal red light district. Walk through the district to find brothels that specialize in anyone’s fetishes.
  2. Porn Week: Visit porn week in Los Angeles, CA, to meet other porn fans.
  3. Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball: Located in Las Vegas, this Halloween event was named "One of 5 Events to Attend Before You Die" by Maxim Magazine.
  4. Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend: Head to London for the "world’s most famous celebration of fetish." Features include a Torture Garden and "pervy shopping."
  5. Everything To Do With Sex Show: This annual event, held in Canada, features plenty of entertainment, including performances on the Dungeon Stage.
  6. Thailand Adult Vacations: The company World Class Adult Vacations offers this unique adult fantasy location in Thailand.
  7. Moulin Rouge: One of the most famous cabarets in the world, Paris’ Moulin Rouge is surrounded by sex and fetish shops.
  8. Vancouver: Vancouver, Canada’s famous club Sin City often sponsors popular Fetish Nights.
  9. Hamburg: If you’re in Europe, check out the red light district in Hamburg, Germany. It’s a popular district, but make sure to read the warnings and tips from those who have been before. Tourists are sometimes preyed upon and pressured to overpay.
  10. Taboo, The Naughty But Nice Sex Show: The show has several stops in Canada, including in Calgary and Vancouver. Marketed as an upscale trade show, the event also features lots of live entertainment.

Culture Snobs

Anyone can go to Paris, right? True culture snobs are looking for the most obscure culture centers around, places that no one else gets to see. Check out our last list for some of the most underrated cultural hot spots around the globe.

  1. Indochina Cultural Tour: See yourself how Vietnam and the Indochina region have recovered from 20th century conflict. Tours include bicycle trips, visits to the coast and more.
  2. Canyon de Chelly National Monument: If you want to experience real American history, don’t take a tour of a Mayflower replica; go out West to Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly National Monument, a Navajo town that has ancient artifacts, pictographs and ruins.
  3. A Buddhist Legacy: This travel company sponsors a trip that features a "journey to the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism." You’ll get to visit monasteries, hike along the Himalayas and truly experience the region’s cultural and spiritual traditions.
  4. Croatia: Croatia is already starting to get a little trendy, especially among other Europeans, but most Americans aren’t already in the know. Experience the country’s natural beauty along the Adriatic coast.
  5. Oman Adventure: This travel itinerary includes trips into Bedouin camps, a camel caravan in the Wahiba Sands, sightseeing in fishing villages and experiencing life in the capital city Muscat.
  6. Budapest: As Liberty Travel reports, "the capital of Hungary and the country’s largest city, Budapest now stands at the crossroads of old and new Europe." View old monuments, art collections and more, which track the city’s intriguing history, including its former Communist rule.
  7. Beercations: Beer snobs are culture snobs too. Check out this blog for a list of creative "beercations" that include visits to microbreweries and more.
  8. Malaysia: Though Malaysia’s national parks, forests, hill resorts and beaches are internationally known, you won’t hear Malaysia as a top vacation destination too often. This country has plenty of opportunities for the environmentalist, animal lover, bird watcher, outdoor enthusiast and beach bum.
  9. Istanbul: This ancient cultural city offers modern day entertainments as well as monuments, architecture, art and history from the times of the Ottomans, Byzantines, Greeks and Romans, as well as its current population.
  10. Xian: This Chinese historical city is also known as "the eternal city" because of its ancient roots. Tourists can visit the many monuments and museums that depict cultural events and customs from the Quin, Han, Sui, Tang, and Ming dynasties.

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