25 Ultimate Vacations for Outdoorsmen

Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 1:03am by admin

If you’re a man (or woman) who enjoys hunting and fishing in the great outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found 25 of the most awesome vacations an outdoorsman can take, offering sportsmen a chance to go after trophy game and fish, unusual animals, and see some of the most gorgeous locations in the world. Check out this list to get ideas for a trip that’s sure to outshine your buddy’s deer lease.


Whether you’re after big game or big skies, these vacations are sure to please any hunter.

  1. Trophy Hunting in South Africa: For the ultimate in trophy hunting, check out this vacation in Africa. Wintershoek Safaris has a 50,000 acre ranch that has over 25 different species of game to be hunted. Their professional guides can help you find the best spots to hunt their impala, kudu, wildebeest, and zebra. Daily rates even include laundry, meals, a 4×4 vehicle, and field preparation as well as transportation of trophies to Johannesburg.
  2. Eagle Hunting Festival Tour in Mongolia: If you think your bird dog is the ultimate hunting companion, prepare to have your mind blown by the expertly trained hunting eagles in Mongolia. In this visit, you’ll get to see eagle trainers show their skills, equipment, and more, even spending time with the eagle trainer’s family. Additional highlights include trips to Terelj National Park, which is home to nomadic families, beautiful rock formations, valleys, the Terelj River and lots of wooded areas.
  3. Niglai Trophy Hunting in King Ranch: If you’re looking for a hunting experience that’s larger than life, look no further than this one. In the 1930s and 40s, niglai were released into King Ranch in Texas, a ranch that’s larger than Rhode Island, and the largest ranch in the United States. This exceptionally big member of the antelope family is native to India and Pakistan, but has flourished on this Texas property. Hunting niglai is challenging, as judging trophy quality is difficult and they don’t stand still long enough. However, a unique trophy and delicious meat is an excellent reward.
  4. Archery and Muzzleload Elk and Deer Hunts in Colorado’s Weminuche: Take in all that Weminuche, Colorado’s largest wilderness area, has to offer. While on this trip, you’ll enjoy hunting elk and deer on horseback with primitive weapons, as well as excellent food including steaks, stuffed Cornish hens, and Navajo tacos.
  5. Louisiana Trophy Alligator Hunting: If you’re in the market for some new gator-skin boots, head down to Louisiana for a chartered trip on the banks of gator country where the Red River, Atchafalaya River, and Old Mississippi River meet. You’ll hunt trophy alligators, and enjoy afternoon hunts for wild hog, teal ducks, or doves.
  6. Old Fashioned Lion Hunting in Montana: This area has high lion quotas, but it’s non-motorized, so you have to do your hunting on foot. You’ll keep an eye out for tracks in the early mornings, then let the dogs loose to get the cat up the tree. This hunt is a challenge, but it’s one of a kind.
  7. Cow Elk Father/Son Hunting in Wyoming: Take your budding hunter on a vacation that’s sure to create some great memories. On this vacation, you’ll go on a western style elk hunt in mountain country, while learning about hunting, safety, and the ethics of the sport.
  8. Bison and Wolf Hunting in Alberta: Hunt bull bison and timber wolves in their natural environment. These animals are elusive, existing in a wild woods environment, so you’ll be tracking them by foot and snowmobile. You can also combine this hunt with trap line tours and fishing voyages.
  9. Waterfowling in Manitoba: In Manitoba’s Interlake region, you’ll get to hunt spring snow geese, Canadian geese, mallards, and pintails. The lodge you’ll stay at is nestled in the wilderness with a BBQ area, a screened-in deck, and a pool for warm nights. The package includes, among other things, home cooked meals and field lunches as well as cleaning and freezing of birds.
  10. Caribou Hunting in Labrador: Visit Labrador to take your shot at the largest caribou in the world. This hunt generally takes place in the late fall through winter, and you can take home 2 caribou per guest.
  11. Saskatchewan Bear Hunting: Lac La Ronge isn’t just known for its excellent fishing spots: it has an abundance of healthy black bears as well. On this trip, most hunters bag a bear by the second or third day, and then move on to extreme walleye, lake trout and pike fishing before heading home.
  12. Colorado Dude Ranch: This dude ranch in Colorado is located in the San Juan Mountains, offering lots of experiences that outdoorsmen are sure to love. Choose from bow hunting, fly fishing, elk hunting, and lots more, all in comfortable cabins with a gorgeous location.
  13. Horse-mounted Hunting in the Yukon: In a place where the Rocky Mountains meet the Arctic Circle, you’ll find that moose, lions, eagles, bears, otters and timber wolves outnumber people. On this trip, you’ll join this tour’s annual moose hunt, a ten-day excursion on horseback with gorgeous scenery and plenty of wildlife.
  14. Namibian Safari: At Gelbingen Guest Farm, you’ll be inside the Etosha Kaoko Conservancy, which borders the Etosha National Park. This conservancy is home to an abundance of wild game, including giraffe, oryx, leopard, cheetah, hyena, and even lions. Beyond hunting, fishing of catfish, shark, and more is plentiful, and you’ll have a chance to see seals, dolphins, and leatherbacked turtles on this adventure.


Catch the big one on these trips that take you out on the ice, to remote locations, and some of the most beautiful natural areas in the world.

  1. Australian Fishing Adventure: Enjoy fishing in this remote, untouched location. The variety of catches is great-with over 250 recorded species, there are plenty of different types of fish to go after. Some of them include barramundi, sharks, mangrove jack, and giant trevally.
  2. Going After the Big One in the Florida Keys: On this trip to the Florida Keys, you’ll have access to a huge amount of tarpon, bonefish, sharks, stingrays, and barracudas. The true prize is the permit, one of the strongest fish in the world that’s sure to test your skills. You’ll enjoy a privately rented home with quick access to the bay that can have you from door to fishing within 10 minutes.
  3. Ice Fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish: Wintertime in Northern Minnesota is a great time to take up ice fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish. This lake is over 67,000 acres and has a great reputation for perch ice fishing. At The Pines, you’ll get access to plowed ice roads and a pre-warmed fish house, as well as well-equipped cabins. Even during the summertime, fishing is plentiful and can be enjoyed from the docks or by boat.
  4. Afognak Island State Park Fishing: This lodge in Afognak Island State Park offers great opportunities to fish Alaskan trout, wild salmon, and halibut. This location is also great for viewing and photographing wildlife, as well as kayaking trips.
  5. Largemouth Bass Angling in Mexico: Lake Huites Lodge is home to mammoth largemouths, and a few skilled anglers are catching more than 75 bass per day, some of them more than 10 pounds. While staying at the lodge, you’ll not only enjoy a once in a lifetime fishing experience, but also great comfort and cuisine, as well as a very helpful laundry service.
  6. Maine Cruise in Lobster Country: Hop aboard an antique schooner and enjoy meals prepared on a woodburning stove, and even a lobster bake. You’ll be treated to a look at lobster fishing, including a lesson on how the traps work.
  7. Fly Fishing in Ireland: Fish on the river Nire below the Comeragh Mountains, and you’ll not only enjoy exceptional trout stocks, but gorgeous scenery as well. Accommodations are on a working farm in the valley, with rates that include a full Irish breakfast.
  8. Malaysian Rainforest Fishing: Fish in flooded forests surrounded by natural jungle, and stay in a remote chalet high up on the river in Malaysia. You can even go out on the sea to take on potential IGFA world record breakers and live on board the fishing boat.
  9. Fishing the Mataura River: Head to New Zealand’s Mataura River to find a challenge in this trout fishing mecca. Fishing here requires long leaders and fine tippets, but the scenery and wild brown trout make up for the troubles. In this package, you’ll stay with your guide’s family and enjoy a "kiwi-style" breakfast each morning.
  10. Walleye on Lake Sakakawea: Check out Dakota Waters Resort to fish challenging walleye on Lake Sakakawea. You’ll have a comfortable cabin and campground to come back to, as well as a convenient fish clearning station.
  11. Big Game Fishing in the West Indies: Head to St. Lucia to enjoy big game fishing for blue marlin, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, and more. You’ll enjoy diesel powered, tournament rigged boats and fishing equipment as well as gorgeous local resorts.

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  1. Next time you spam my blog’s email address with advertising, you should try reading the blog content first!

    I DO NOT condone animal exploitation whatsoever! INCLUDING for the entertainment of trophy hunters on vacation!!!

    What a God forsaken outrageous and greedy thing for a company like yours to be involved in!!! You all should be ashamed of the conscienceless worldview you’re promoting!!!

    Comment by Jeff @ Coolwater4animals — January 17, 2008 @ 6:17 am

  2. Don’t forget my friends over at http://www.bassfishingafrica.com. they offer bass fishing trips up into africa.

    Comment by Jansie Blom — January 17, 2008 @ 9:43 am

  3. A REPLY TO JEFF!!! This is in no way “animal exploitation”. Game Management has been set into place so that hunters can only harvest a limited amount of animals. Hunting is precious to conservation. Without harvesting a certain amount of animals, there numbers would increase and they would starve!!

    I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee!!! How do you think your GREAT GREAT GREAT Ancestors survived? THEY HUNTED!!!

    If the email sent to you was anything like mine, it was not Spam in any way!! The person simply asked if I would mind sharing the story.

    Instead of leaving post about things you know nothing about, go after these mass chicken raising farms!! If you ever visit one, I bet you will never eat a chicken again!!

    Comment by John Stabley — January 17, 2008 @ 1:52 pm

  4. I will not even waste time on reating to that nicompoop Jeff’s comments. I hope the next time he buys his favourite McDonalds Burger, he stops for a minute to think about where THAT meat came from.

    Thanks Jessica for the article but give me permission to either post the article in part,in whole or as a link.
    Would like to here from you soon.


    Comment by Jan Meyntjes — January 17, 2008 @ 6:04 pm

  5. Thank goodness that Jeff doesn’t live in a home that was built where animals once lived or out of materials that provided cover for them, or drives a car on highways that were built where woods and animals once lived, or works in a building built on ground where animals once lived, or uses energy that is produced from the remnants of ancient animals, etc, etc, etc.
    Must be nice to BELIEVE that you have NO negative impact on the animals of the world!

    Comment by Jeff — January 19, 2008 @ 5:30 pm

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